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Shioner 600R

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I noticed these grey jeans on diesel store. They are a blend of cotton, lyocell and elathan so i suppose comfy and stretched. May i have your opinion and whoever have bought them should give information about the fit especially if compared to thavar/thanaz, thanks !
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I just received these. They must be the most comfortable pants I ever own. They fit well too. The only thing is they run extra long.
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Phukette, from your experience, they fits exactly like 886z? Main reason I didnt like 886z is because they were pretty thight and snug compared to any 32 shioner I ever owned.
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Not as tight as 886Z. Fit like normal shioner but so soft and stretchy.

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Maybe Ill try them if I could. Its really stretchy jeans, but even 886z is stretch(well not like these of course!)

Thats really suprised me, on the model its looks really thighs on calves.

Its only me o 32 804h fits super thigh on the waist?

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Hi guys, this is my first post but a long time stalker.:DFirst of i want to say big thanks to all for this forum, helped me a lot.

I have a sizing question. I have shioners 801a, 74y and 813s in 32X32, 806m in 31X30, 886a in 31X32 but these are too long.

These 600r have some elastine and i have heard that they run long. So im thinking that i must get size 31X30. What do you guys think?
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