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Heads up , possible bad seller

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Hello, I'm posting this separate from my own issue because this is more broad and thought people should be aware. If I'm wrong or reasoning is obvious, forgive my ignorance. This just smells really bad to me: my earlier post is about a possibly fake pair of Sevens won on Ebay. One reason I didn't question beforehand was their all positive feedback. After going one by one through recent auctions, notice that almost all "buyers" have very low feedback, short simple positive FB and all JOINED ON THE SAME DATE MAY 15 2004!!

Is this normal or did I just stumble on a damn fine reason for doubting something?? If anyone wants to check it out, search Ebay for this seller: str8_deelz I only checked about the first 20, but that's enough for me. Unless a whole bunch of friends decided to join all at once and bid on the same auctions at once.

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You're probably right..Ebay needs to start policing itself better. Considering how much they charge for listing (huge ripoff by the way), they should be able to afford to hire a few more people to investigate improprities.
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I agree completely, but don't hold my breath. I doubt they'd policy themselves with the millions of auctions, but they should at least have a solid department to deal with fraud and complaints. It's essentially anarchy there because if a seller screws you, good luck. Sure there are rules and Ebay can take action, but good luck. What fraudsters count on, like corporations and rebates, is that most people will eat the loss rather than take vast amounts of time and effort to recover 50 bucks, or invest effort to remove them. Nuts. Imagine if Ebay could implement a program like credit cards do? When I call Amex to dispute something, a mistake not even fraud, they're on it. Ebay certainly makes enough money from all of this. Oh well. It's not a big enough issue at this point. Besides, as someone said in another of my topics, essentially what I'm doing is trying to pay 60 instead of 160 for jeans. So I don't see 7 rushing off to help me since once I've been burned once, I'll say screw it, pony up the extra loot and buy their stuff retail.


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you know, that reminds me of a ? I had before that I never asked...

I bought a fake coat a few mos back, and I thought I was going to get into a war with the seller over it, but it ended up working out alright.

I always pay by cc (discover) thru paypal. what do cc companies do when there is a dispute that paypal can't/won't solve?
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cc (discover) thru paypal
Be careful with this. If you do a chargeback paypal has been known to freeze your account and some people have mentioned on the www.paypalsucks.com board that they have even gone in and taken money out of their bank accounts. (I believe this is in Paypal's TOS)

Best of luck and be careful.
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Another one I feel to be careful of is Buck*Wild. To tell you the truth a lot of sellers on ebay that are selling Seven Havana I see are selling fakes.
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A quick update on my seller/situation: he agreed to mutually withdraw while saying he should really file a non-paying bidder report but since it's the holidays he won't. Complained about his fees but Ebay returns those if I say it's mutual. Won't provide any proof or additional photos, even though I said I'd get them if he could show any evidence. My view was that the only reference on google was his auctions and those of known fake sellers. I also said that the fact alone these jeans and serial numbers are only sold by him and some wholesalers, all with the same cut number, in mass quantities, is itself telling enough. His only response is well they feflt alright when I tried them in the store. That doesn't make any sense at all since he's got so damn many. Well, it turns out no money is lost, no negative feedback but still no jeans. I'll have to find something. I'd like paper denim, they're my favorite, but only come on 34 length, which makes me look like a little kid. Guess I could have them taken up, but that doesn't sound worth it for 200 jeans. Oh well...Happy Holidays and all to everyone. Keep the denim stocked.

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