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Should I sell my Zathan and Zatiny?

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I am wondering if I should sell the last few pairs of bootcut Diesels I own.

I will keep my Zathan 772s and my Zathan 8KJs but do you think it's time to get rid of my all of my Zatiny? Or will I regret it if I do?
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U should burn all lol

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I kept 2 of my 772's my Zatiny 73N and my Zaf 796's the rest I donated to charity. I'm transitioning to slim straights. It's merely up to you, I kept mine coz those were my first premium denim, and I'm a little nostalgic.
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I would have left them as a memory

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It was hard to do it, but I have listed them all on ebay!


I guess I could buy some new Thavar with the proceeds to make me feel better!

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That's what I did lee. I actually got some decent money for them. The Darron 803W started the grieving process. We're all here for ya mate. ūüėČ

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Get rid of them, I got rid of all my bootcuts quite some time ago!! I don't regret it at all. My jean collection has gone from 40 pairs in the highest peek at 4 right now.

I keep 2 of my zatiny's : 2 pairs of 72L, my gf did an awesome job in making them straight legs with 18cm leg opening. I don't even wear them anymore...they are too smal (W27) when i'm now a 29/30.


Also have a safado 71J, 8AA, 8IL and a thanaz 8IW all in 28 in which I can't fit in anymore (going to sell them also). So mad about the 8IW, i love this wash and missed a pair in 29 on ebay a few weeks ago.


I'm selling my Dior UMC 09 and my Jake 11'. I want change.

I now only have : Thavar 888P and 886B, a Dior MIJ RAW and 2 chinos.


I'm waiting for a pair of thanaz 74K to arrive.


Move on levislad and don't look back ;)

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Levislad, I went through the same emotion afraid that I was going to regret selling all my zathan, larkee, viker, and safado. But you know what now they are gone I don't feel bad at all. Take that money and buy yourself some new pairs. That'll make you feel better. Glad to see there's still a market for them though.
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Levislad, wise choice! Buy new ones to fill the gap.


Over time I have accumulated a number of Zatiny, Safado, Larkee, and Vikers. Just last month I moved them to the basement. I keep wondering why I simply didn't get rid of them in the first place as I can't imagine I will wear them again. Emotions? Maybe.


I will keep my Viker 8B9 which used to be my favorite and the Safado 885R I bought last year. Plus a few Darrons and Nudies that I still use. Lately I have bought Thanaz 803F, Thavar 8X2, 08NE, 806P, 810L, Shioner 880W, 068R, 074Y. It was time to move on :-)

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Levislad- I have to say that I kind of understand where you're coming from with wanting to sell them. After a while of not wearing them and also with new updated trends, skinny, skinny-slim, straight-slim, and not to mention the micro-bootcut, bootcuts are now becoming somewhat of a relic. Although I'm curious if they'll ever truly go away, doubtful, but it really all depends on what you usually wear them with, while I'm no fan of normal bootcuts, like 7FAM or even the Zathan, I do have just 2 pairs of Zatiny and I usually wear them with the appropriated shoe. That's my reason for keeping them, as those particular shoes, Nike Dunks, are a bit too bulky for skinny/slim jeans and are better with a slight bootcut jean. Anyways I say have at it, make a profit off of yourself and buy newer to better your collection! Best Wishes!

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Well so far three pairs are selling and I am making £46! I'm part way there to some new Thavar!

What shall I buy?
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I think 811P is the "must-have" for this season and I think it'll go quite nicely with your colouring. A nice bright blue is sadly lacking from your wardrobe bro. 

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And where would I purchase the 811P? They are not on the Diesel Online store!

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They're not widely available yet. A couple of Dutch stores have em I think. But give it time, I'm sure they'll pop up on ASOS at some stage. Hopefully by the time your listings have ended!

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Although I've done this transition earlier, I did miss my Zathan 710 or Farco 710 and Rabox 770 originals during first release.. I'd hope I had kept those pairs to collect.  Now my only zathan left is 772 like most people here.  I do not miss all other pairs I've sold...


take the money you'll get and buy new Thavar's.. its a good choice!

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