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Ebay Shipping

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hey guys. i really wonder why there are so many people reluctant to ship to other countries in the EU... i live in Greece, i have bought various things from the UK, from France, from Germany, from Italy, several times and have never had any problem..why do so many sellers refuse to ship to a country within the EU? to a buyer who tries to pay everything right away. it sucks. anyway my question is if anybody knows any shipping services that receive your parcel for you and then ship it to your country? i think thats the only way i can buy freely without having to ask the seller each and every time if hes/shes willing to ship to Greece..and also i dont want to ask for friends to receive my purchases and then ship them to me. any ideas? thanks! 

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This is not just Greece. As far as I know, Greece is in the euro union. But anyway, some sellers do not want to send the goods to distant countries. It is their decision. I think that this is a problem in the postal services.
Speaking of proxies, then I would say that there are a lot of companies all over the world, which can be a proxy for you. they just take a percentage of the total order.
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yeah i know. well, i believe that at least in the EU buyers and sellers shouldnt have problems like these. :/ 


ive seen quite a few companies that can proxy parcels from the UK to Greece or even from the US, i just dont know which has the best balance between quality of services and economic rates. ive seen some who ship with DHL which is a way more expensive shipping method than airmail or international signed for, for instance. 

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This is not a problem Euro zone. This is a problem with the postal service. All eurozone countries are very different in all respects.
I would recommend you find forums in your country and read reviews of the company's proxy. And then you can choose a reliable company
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hmm. will try and do that, thanks aramis


if anyone in the EU has any suggestions about companies of that sort, please tell me. 

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