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Hey There

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Hello Everyone! 


My name is Sydney and I think Denimblog is great! I am originally from Eugene, Oregon, and now go to school in Denver. Last year I lived in Paris, which was an incredible and inspiring experience, I miss the macaroons and walks along Seine pretty much every day. Also the vintage stores, where I got my favorite piece of denim clothing - a Levis jacket - that goes perfectly with my Dad's old Rolling Stones t-shirts. I love travelling, photography, and am definitely a go with the flow kind of girl. I'm looking forward to talking with all of you!

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Excellent! Glad to meet you. Paris is so cool, I try to go once a year, not always possible but its worth the effort!
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Ok awesome.  Welcome to the site!


Thats great you got an opportunity to spend time in France.  What a cool place.


Please make yourself at home!

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Hi, SydneyH! I've been to Eugene, OR, its beautiful up there. California native here!

Welcome to the DenimBlog Forums,



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Welcome SydneyH! I'm originally from Denver and it is such a great city(although not Paris!). your jacket sounds awesome!
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Very big welcome to you! Living in France for a while must have been great!

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