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Exchanging diesel jeans

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I got a pair of thavars a week or so ago from a diesel store, and I'm not entirely happy with the size I got. I got a 32/32, but think I may need to go one size down on the waist, possibly even the leg as well.

I've still got the tag and receipt, and am with the time limit to exchange,but have worn them a couple if times. There's nothing wrong with them, but the knees have sag'd out a bit! Do you think this will because problem?

I was think about possibly ironing the knees back down a bit!?

Anyone had any dealings like this before?
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If they don't smell bad and you can manage to iron the knees, I think you'll be fine.

But the tags should be exactly as they were when you bought them!
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Yeah, they don't smell at all, and it only came with the diesel price tag wrapped around the belt loop, so just gotta loop that back through.

Anyone know what loop it goes through?! Lol
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LOL. I think this will not be a problem!)

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