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Anybody wear BRADDOM?

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So just ordered Braddom 0811K in 29w 30l.  I have last years SUPERBIA-NT in 29w and they fit great in the thighs and waist.  I also have the Tepphar 0886A in 29w 30l and they are great.  Wondering if the Braddom are going to be to big, any help would be great.  They haven't shipped yet so there is still time, also curious if anyone has any info on the Darron 0811v?

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You probably shouldve sized down to W28 on them mate. Braddom are a lot looser than tepphar.
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Braddom is very loose compared to tephar

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hmm but as the denim is kinda stiff they might fit.

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thanks for the input, i guess i'll just have to see once they arrive

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do you have any actual pictures of braddom 811k

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I will very soon, I think they should be arriving in the mail today or this weekend, as soon as i get them I'll post some shots.

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It can be one of the best washes this season, after 811p. IMO.

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