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Hi guys


I'm a newcomber here, used to live in Sidney for a while, then New York and now Mexico City and L.A.

Sound busy right!

I work in publicity, media and animation


Love denim, especially japanese (best selvedge worldwide). In brands like DRKSHDW, Dior Homme, and some obscure brands i would like to found more about.


thats it.

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Hi Mr. Arturo! If you're into Selvedge/Raw denim be sure to check out our dry/raw threads here.

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Mr. Arturo,


Welcome to the site.  Glad to have you here.  Seems like you have lived in a number of interesting places.

Would love to see some of your animation and media work.

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LA Native myself, whoop! Welcome! Love Diors, just not sure if I can reach that deep in my pocket at this time, but do post pictures of yours in the What Dior are you wearing? so I can live vicariously through your denim.


Welcome to the site.






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Welcome to the site! You are definitely in the right place if you love denim!

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