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Originally Posted by audit30 View Post

Did you size down on 818Y? If not, try sizing down as it fits larger

i did not. I will try it in W29 then, but I have noticed that the cuts with "3D" patch have better fitting than the ones that don't have the "3D". Or at least that's how it is for me.

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Weird...i have loads of washes that come with or without the patch and fit the same. Its just a matter of getting the correct size icon_wink.gif on 818Y for instance, you must size down. Just like in last seasons darron 809v
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@ straychev


I understand what you mean, but @ audit30 is right, just size down.


The ones with 3D are pressed so strongly during production that most of the time, the seems are twisted on the jeans meaning the material wraps around your legs and holds in place. The ons that are not 3D are generally straight and as a result, the material are straight on your legs and results in more room and generally more (untidy) stacking at the ankle.

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  • leftvapor, thanks for the detailed explanation. Now it all makes sense to me. I was all confused.
  • Thanks!
    and thank you too, audit30!
  • Yeah, will probably try it with one size smaller and then see what it's like.
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I am looking for a very distinguishable Iakop wash, I believe it is from Fall/Winter 2013 collection. It is Dark blue, it has orange-ish stitches on the inseam, Has a few rust spots. The 5th/little pocket is made of suede/leather. Can you please help me fit it? I don't have a photo of it, thats why Im not posting in the HELP ME ID THIS Thread.


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Iakop 815G maybe?
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Iakop 815k ?
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Originally Posted by Weenie View Post

Iakop 815k ?

Its this one! Thank you so much!!! Really appreciate the help!!! :)

Is it from the Fall/Winter 2013 collection?

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Yes Buddy it's from fall / winter 2013
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Originally Posted by Weenie View Post

Yes Buddy it's from fall / winter 2013

nice! Thank you so much! You are a great help!

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Originally Posted by freeradical82 View Post

yoox has them stray



I got excited to quickly, only to find out they were only available in L32.

Thanks freeradical82!

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those are length 30

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sorry, thats what i meant. I need size L32. These were L30 :(
But I also guess it was just a moment thing for these jeans, i don't think they deserve that much attention from me :D Found them in my size on a different site but didn't want to pay 180 euro for an old pair of IAKOPS

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