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Originally Posted by Detour27 View Post

ecstatic over my 1st purchase from the 2013 F/W catalog:  Shioner 0817H

not yet have the time to take the pics, but man what a pair of well-crafted jean!!

 Can't wait to see the fit pics 

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they really look like 8x2

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For me comparing 817h with 8x2 is like comparing 888p with 805a. In my opinion they have nothing similar.
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Hey, guys, i've been looking at Krayver 818D for a long time but never had the courage to order it because it's 200 euros! 

My concern is the fitting? What do you guys think? Does it fit like Braddom/Darron? Or a bit more lose? Please share your thoughts with me! :) Thanks!

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But it is really a good example to compare cuttings, shioner vs thavar. As for thigh part, they are similar, but down from knees, thavar seems more slim, making the knee curve quite obvious! I would say I am a more shioner GUY.
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has anyone got tthe thepphar 820q yet?  saw them at the store and they look amazing, but was unable to try them on.  If anyone has them or tried them on, did they go with normal tepphar size? how was the lenght on them???

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I agree with you guys. They still look different on the photo

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here are some of the 0817H pics (apologies for the messy background, took em pics in my sis' storage room)

i would say the overall feel and thickness of the denim is similar to last year's darron 0803W (but plus the beige fade & spots thru-out and white paint strokes of course); picked the one from 3 pairs of 29x32 and all 3 of them are different in shade of blue, one is slightly darker wash, while the other pair is a lot more lighter (hard to pick the one, but i guess that's the fun in shopping diesel);  the dirt and splash dots are not as prominent nor desert-ish as i thought it'd be( PLEASE SHARE some pics if you do get the real dirty/loud/spotty pair, as i really wanna see how dirty this one gets lol); in my opinion Shioner 0817H is quite refine and worth the hard earned dollars nevertheless.

p.s. i think the pics on ssense are more true to the real jean itself.







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Thanks for the pics

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btw, they are nothing like 8X2 in terms of colors or details.  quite obviously, you welcome Aramis, hope the pics do get you a better look of the Shioner 0817H. 

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thanks for the pics! I buy them definitley

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@Detour27 It doesn't look as rusty as the ssense photo. Or is that just a lighting issue? Also this will be my first Shioner, so how is the fit? Do you feel like a size down or up would make it better? I'm about to buy this pair in L30 but I'm hoping it looks more like the ssense photo.
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my bad...bout the quality of em fit pics; it is just the lighting, as the lighting in the room is all warm/yellowish, therefore the pale brown rust hardly showed up, but you can rest assured that the real jean itself is just like the ssense pics. as for the fit, it is pretty much true to size (i'd definitely not suggest to size-up!); i suppose if you like how Thavar fits, you'd also like the Shioner, thou the Shioner is my personal favorite of the two.

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Glad to hear! I'm a fan of the rusty look (my last purchase was the Thavar 814M) so this is perfect with the whiskering and even the little "gash" is a nice touch. Thanks for the advice and awesome purchase!
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@ Detour Thanks for the pics. They fit you very well. Is the denim thickness similar to 888P & 805A ? i never had darron 803W.

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@ stmky; no prob, glad i was able to offer any sort of suggestions, if you do make the purchase, i hope u find happiness with your pair like i do with mine.

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thanks denim addict, 

prior to actually joining the community yesterday i was always checking on you guys post for the latest fit pics and other informative topics, so hopefully now i will be able to share some of the latest scoop on Diesel denims with you guys. As for your question, yes the thickness is the same as 805A.

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Thavar 817I

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The tepphar is true to size and lenght is true to lenght no stacking
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Originally Posted by Wutzwagg View Post

Thavar 817I


the first real photo of the wash! thanks

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ome pic of SHIONER 817H, Hope to help your to decided !

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Originally Posted by Xisco123 View Post


ome pic of SHIONER 817H, Hope to help your to decided !

That looks awesome ......I want ONE icon_razz.gif

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Originally Posted by denim addict View Post

That looks awesome ......I want ONE icon_razz.gif


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Here i try to adjust to real pic

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