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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

My 814M just arrived. I like em. They run big so I would advise sizing down on these. Also material is quite thin and very very soft. The wash is super nice though. I'm gonna get a lot of wear out of them. I would upload an image but I'm still at work and the mobile uploader doesn't seem to be working.

How would you describe the color?  Does the waist run big or the whole cut? Cant wait to see your fit pics :-)

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It's difficult to describe. The whole mutation thing is about colour layering. So there is sand, brown and dark blue.
The whole fit is bigger. It's nice though. It's nice to have a bit of room for the summer months especially with the thin denim. A tight fit would look ridiculous I think. The denim doesn't have any give in it though so its not stretchy but I'd say it will stretch eventually. I'm just on my way home now so expect pics shortly.
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Photos from asos is always very strange. I like wash))

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Interesting - they appear to be different pair..  Notice the back pocket is different between ASOS and Diesel site?  ASOS one is nicer.

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back pockets are really different.))))))

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weird, also composition is different...

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thavar 816k, not a fan of this wash










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Those look pretty good to me:)
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What's the source of the pics? I'm wondering if these are true to size.
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thavar 816k is very cool IRL. i love the wash, but it's a little too close to 8x2 to warrant a purchase from me.

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I do like it.. but w/ the side rip like that too similar to my 68z.....

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Am I the only one who is enjoying the vibe of the Tepphar 603c?
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Diesel Thavar 816N olive green.. I like it very much but am wondering if anyone here has already bought a pair, because i would love a short review and fit pics!


Also, is 10,5 0z. denim very think or not? Wearable in summer?

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Originally Posted by Brave-Man View Post


great wash!


For me, this wash look like "801a update".



This wash (816H)  is def one of the best wash this season!

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some new stuff on asos.com (nothing special IMO, except Kunz shoes, but way to pricey). i'm still waiting for thavar joggs :-/

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What are the "Blue Eyecons" washes from this season?


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817H Shioner

603Z Waykee

818Y Darron

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Originally Posted by Weenie View Post

817H Shioner

603Z Waykee

818Y Darron



The shioner look amazing!

can't wait...

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does anybody know if the blue eyecons will come out in more than one cut? ill definetely get 817H and maybe 818Y...but 603Z in waykee doesnt really impress me due to the cut. if it comes in another cut though ill think about it :D 

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if somebody can post a pics of this 3 washes - its be great.

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Blue Eyecons AW 2013/14



Shioner 817H



Waykee 603Z




Darron 818Y

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Thanks for the pics!!!


817his great, 603z is awsome but why waykee??? 

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818Y is not a blue eyecon as far as I know but I may be wrong.

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