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Diesel Fall/Winter 2013 - Page 7

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Originally Posted by Aramis View Post

I don't see new washes in thanaz((

Don't worry. There will be. icon_wink.gif
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Im really liking the thavar Jogg and the new Chi-tight-b and the Tepphar 602s


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Originally Posted by gloriouscafe View Post








oh my! Must have for me too!

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Hello, please ... is there nothing new to Larkee?



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scroll down for diesel stuff (tees, shoes, jeans etc.) - woman and man. Pics are pretty big, but you will see all the details ;-)

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took some shots of a new iakop, stupid me forgot to write down the wash code...


made in italy, 180 EUR







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great fit!

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Which Diesel store have them? :))

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That's iakop looks super I'll get it for sure.
That green pants is diesel as well right? Got any idea what is it?
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Yesterday Diesel presented the entire fall-winter collection at the Diesel Store in Padova.

There should be some photos somewhere, i just can't find anything though!

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Which colour is the Thavar 818V exactly, black or dark blue?

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Nice karacho. Weird MII for 180 euro icon_smile.gif

Soulsavers, it's black for sure.
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Anything in braddom cut?
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Sorry for bringing the bad news but there will be no more Thanaz execpt FW13

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Originally Posted by JiNious View Post

Sorry for bringing the bad news but there will be no more Thanaz execpt FW13

What? What????

Please tell me you're joking...
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The Diesel store in Chicago sent me this. Not a very good pic so I asked for some others. They said they just received a shipment and these were one of them. Thavar 814M...
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? What, they discontinued Thanaz?

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Some new washes available at Diesel online store.
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including new washes in Thanaz cut icon_cool.gif

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definetely much much better than SS13...im almost tempted in not buying a single thing during the sales... theres thavar 816K, shioner 813S...that new tepphar a lot of guys liked...theres also a krooley jogg which is very similar to the 804K wash!! 

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nice pair.But way too dirty for me

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I confirm thanaz will be discontinued after next AW season. Paris doesel staff confirmed. I agree with some that the thavar cut is waaayyy easier to wear. Like any other slim jeans. Thanaz had it's own personnality. But the sagging...
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Just pulled the trigger on 814M and 814H!
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Can't wait to see the fit pics:)
Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Just pulled the trigger on 814M and 814H!
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