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Denim shorts

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Having just started to take denim a bit more seriously! I just wondered if Any of the big companies release any mens denim shorts in the summer. As in knee length, slightly baggy with a nice wash, maybe even some distressing!?
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I'm sure they do, but that doesn't mean anyone with their reproductive organs on the outside should ever wear jorts. I'd go for some khaki or other colored twill shorts to keep cool in the summer :)

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I like cut-offs. I like to DIY them. I have a bit more of a edgy style so I like to tear them up and have fun with them. I like that making your own allows you to have them at whatever length you feel comfortable with.

Here in California we have a lot of vintage shops and its fun to get a old-pair of designer jeans, cut em up, sand em, make some cuts and wear them for the summer. Affordable and customizable.


But many places do sell Denim shorts. I know Lucky Brand Jeans put out a denim short as well as Levi. When brands start to release their Summer collections I am sure you will find many!

Good luck, I'm ready for warm weather too! Summer shopping early:)



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Cheers Eric. Never thought about making my own. Sounds like fun.

I quite liked the look of these, but can't seem to find anything similar for sale anywhere!

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I love denim shorts. I make them myself too or buy them cut down from eBay.







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