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Buy-It-For-Life Womens Jeans?

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Any recommendations for a long-lasting pair of jeans? I tend to wear holes in mine after 2 years or so. I have two young kids, so I'm playing on the floor & running around a lot... anything with a heavier-weight fabric would be good. Anything I seem to find is just paper thin & wears out too quickly. 

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This is a good question! I've had some of my Current/Elliott jeans for quite a few years and they're still in great condition. I also think Rag & Bone has some great quality jeans. Levi's always has some great quality options. In general, I'd suggest looking for jeans with less spandex as they do tend to lose shape, also try not to wash them too frequently. Hopefully someone else can chime in here.
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Lifelong? Doubt you will find a pair that you can use for life. But I know my sister has a pair of Hudson jeans that have lasted years and years. She still wears them a lot and she says they are amazingly comfy.


But who really wants a pair forever? Imagine how out of style they will be! Most designer denim lasts a good time with moderate wear and good care.



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