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DIESEL takes customers for "STUPID"

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Hello everybody, sorry to tell you that.. I'm a big Diesel fan. But never buy again an Diesel jeans on internet or in outlet Store like this fucking fake website http://www.showroomprive.com/ficheProduit.aspx?produit=976135 or http://fr.bazarchic.com/


Diesel sell many pair of jeans in outlet store. And they build three quality of jeans.


The first quality, the best on Diesel Store (250€ the pair..)

The second, on outlet Store (Often 30% discount)

The third on internet ( I saw many pair 50€)


They don't warn the customer and produce themself fake jeans in tunisia. Check this report. (in  french...)




Link to view the video (Diesel part is on the end of the video) I can translate for you the part If you want.



They said that every Diesel jeans cost 20€ for the brand. I let you calculate the margin....


Every Year Diesel produce Jeans to sell in outlet store in bad quality.


Ask your Diesel Store seller.. Diesel organized an black market without warning the customer. The first quality is sold in the franchised Diesel store (250€) and the second and third bought by wholesaler.


This can explain the difference between Pics by Diesel and jeans in real .... Second quality jeans.. 


I found some second quality Diesel jeans on this web site 100% legit :




Diesel really want to take his customer for "STUPID" I'm disgusted..

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Source : Diesel worker themselves. 

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RALPH LAUREN does the same like PIERRE CARDIN and CALVIN KLEIN ...And it's all legit ...... Because Brands are free to choose their strategy...

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Your point? We are all aware of this.
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and we continue to buy .....

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And you first to buy jeans more than $300

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For Stupid leaving Yeaah

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I don't understand what you're so pissed about. Its not as if anyone really believed that diesel is a company that only wants to make money. They wouldnt be much of a company if they didn't.
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No it's the bad quality that you pay for an jeans that cost lot of money. And you see "superior quality" ....

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Oh wow thanks for saying. As of today I will stop buying diesel.
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I really can't see your point here. Every jeans manufacturer makes top quality and then those for the lower end, outlets etc.


Who exactly are you trying to shock?


Sorry, I will still buy Diesel.

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If you are interested in fashion you should as written here that brands like raph lauren produce low quality garnments to be sold in outlets. You can be against that but that's it. I suppose that jeans sold online are top quality whether they are made in italy or not.
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I bought a pair in Diesel store. It's made in Tunisia so it's fake?

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Funny. I have bought diesel products in regular stores, online, as well as outlets, and I was never really disappointed with the quality of their stuff regardless where they were made in. And trust me that I am very picky also very much into fashion.

I am well aware that well known name brands mark up the price of their products. But that's just the nature of their business. Look at Gucci channel or LV, do you really think it costs 2 or 3 thousand dollars to produce a damn leather bag?? No! It's called brand recognition. You are not really paying for a bag, it's their image you're buying. Same thing with diesel, besides the fact that they make the best and coolest jeans IMO; they wouldn't be diesel, a successful living image that they project to the market if they start pricing their products as cheap as H&M.
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Yes, please close this thread, it's so stupid.
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I think theres actually a lot of bullshit in there as well, Here are some points to think about....


1. Online outlets do not all sell 'lesser' quality items. Quite often it is past season stuff that has not sold. I know for a fact that when end of season sales end in Diesel stores, the stock that remains goes straight back to Italy, before being distributed to the Diesel outlets and other retailers (many of which may be online).


2. Everybody knows that brands mark up there merchandise, Do I really need to go into any more detail. Just read what @ Dieselolic wrote, he sums it up.


3. Fake websites are not selling items produced by Diesel. It is true that some pairs produced by Diesel are classed as 'seconds' because the wash came out crap or whatever, but they are still genuine Diesel and are usually sold off cheaper in the outlets anyway, for that very reason. Fake websites sell fake imitations.


So in summary,@ m3linj, what are you on about and what is your point?

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What left vapor said. Perhaps you can be 'smart' and get 10 pair of Walmart jeans for the price of one pair of diesel. Then you can look down on us for being stupid and spending that much on a pair of jeans while we look down on you for dressing so ugly and looking poor.
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I love this fucking brand too and wear only diesel jeans.. But make attention what you buy. I still had bad diesel jeans. I think i go never buy on internet anymore
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on the web, you can buy the models made in italy, and they are good quality , the same as in the store, for the others, i dont know

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and i think it depends on websites too, for yoox, or rbandalley, the diesel (the models made in italy at least, i dont know for the others) are the same quality than in store

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Quality does not depend on where you buy, online or shop. Fair price for jeans. But sometimes the prices are really high. Anyway, if you do not like it, you just do not buy.

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