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more fake seven flynt???

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need your help one more time! these sure look real and even the pink a pockets they're selling do...are they?
thanks soooo much
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I'm quite sure all the Sevens of this seller are fake. Almost all of them already appear on my fake Sevens site, and the Flynt pair you're watching is cut number 701502. There are way too many pairs of that cut number on ebay, and they all just look like that pair. I'll be adding this style to my website as soon as possible - I've already collected the pictures for this. So better stay away from this seller!

Greets, Bianca
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I generally dont trust when sellers post different types of jeans on their pics. the modell is wearing a different pant than the one theyre selling, and the auktion is for a 29" yet he shows a sz 30 without the white sticker..
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