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Thavar-A black jeans

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Thavar-A is a plain dark wash, a blend of cotton and elasthan for an evening in town. They will match a suit or a leather jacket. Very light denim, run true to size. Slimmer than other thavars though.
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any fit pics?  i am still looking for that perfect clean black jean

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here are complementary pics. i have a problem with my iphone, i can upload only a pic at a time.

the jeans are true to size, very slim though, but i suppose they will stretch.

made in india, that's quite unusual, most diesels are made in tunisia or roumania when not MII.

the cloth is thin and light, perfect for a diner at the restaurant ,or a party...

i have not measured the inseam, but the jeans run a little longer that jeans with an inseam on the tag, it's about the same lenght that the grey thavar from AW2012 collection that had no inseam on tag as well.

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Thanks for the pics and info
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@ pryv75, do you upload photos from your iPhone photo album directly, or do you upload to photobucket first?
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From my iphone photo album. I could upload more than a pic at a time, but for my latest posts it became impossible dont know why...
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You can?!? Can you tell me how? I can't never figure out. I have 4s
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Yeah i got 4s too...
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And you using the newest iOS ver?
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The type of denim used for that jean is similar to what they used for others jeans or not ? 

because I'm wondering why they don't write the lenght looks like a denim-chino or something.

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 I've recently bought a pair of IAKOP 0111D (slim tapered) and I love them. Now I want to buy a pair of black THAVAR-A. I would like to know, if they are a bit narrowed, slim fit or extremely straight I don't know what to expect from black thavar's?

thanks for reply

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cut is the same as standard thavar, but you can't choose inseam (same like with fashion pants).

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to be more specific : the jeans are slimmer than other denim thavars. inseam is about 31. cloth is wery light indeed.

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anyone knows the washcode for this thavar?

they look really nice for a black pair


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Have these stretched out at all? I don't know if I should size down when I order a pair.

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Actially i have not worn them until now they are very thin and light an here in paris morning temperatures are around 0•
But the denim is very dry so i suppose they will stretch but not sooo much may be +1 size
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I just got mine in the mail today and they are going back. Too shiny of a material. Also, they literally have no stretch to them despite having the elastane. 

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Too shiny ? No stretch ? U r kidding !
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This jeans are tight indeed. I also downsized them expecting to be more stretchy, but they aren't.
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Are they not stretchy like the Thanaz-A?

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