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Wrangler launches mosturizing jeans

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Wrangler is launching a line of jeans that are supposed to moisturize with every wear. Is this the next new thing in denim or over the top?

Read the article below (originally posted on the Blog)

Denim makers are constantly trying to create the next new thing when it comes to denim. Wrangler has launched an innovative new moisturizing jean called “The Denim Spa.” The idea behind these is to create a jean that takes care of your legs while you wear them.

The Denim Spa jeans are infused with micro encapsulated natural moisturizing and slimming ingredients that protect skin from the dehydrating effects of wearing denim. They come in three figure flattering cuts: The Aloe Vera, which has anti-inflammatory properties and is ideal for sensitive skin, with a light blue wash; The Olive Extract, which is a super hydrater and is a medium blue wash and The Smooth Legs, which has anti-cellulite agents and comes in darker indigo shade.

The moisturizing effects are meant to last up to 15 days but a re loadable spray can be purchased to renew the moisturizing properties and can last up to 95 wears. The Denim Spa jeans will be available for purchase on Asos.com starting January 28th and will retail for $135.00.
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I suppose "over the top" will be determined by "does it work"? 

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That's true. However, I really am curious to see if they actually feel significantly different than regular jeans.
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Very interesting...

They look super cute, but the whole idea really weirds me out. I think seven jeans have a similar denim infusion. Seems like there are too many unanswered questions. What are all of the ingredients and how does it work? What are the slimming agents? What exactly are they micro encapsulated in and how are they infused into the denim? I'm a skeptic. I think they need to provide some scientific data to convince me, but I'm certainly curious. If they can prove it's safe and that it works then awesome!
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