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I'm a loyal Diesel wearer but am finally joining the raw denim trend. Problem is, I'm not really sure of my size because I'm a bit all over the place. I bought a pair of A.P.C. New Standards in a 30 waist but am afraid they'll stretch too much. Below are my sizes in some of my other jeans I wear:


Diesel Safado 0885K - 29

Diesel Safado 0661D - 29

Diesel Zatiny 0073N - 31

Diesel Zatiny 008XR - 30


I have a pair of 7's in a 31, a pair of Rock n Republic's in a 31 and a pair of Earnest Sewn "Hitch" jeans in a 31. 


I have more of a slim athletic build (but with no ass) so Safado's fit me fairly well. (slim, straight, but not skinny), but I know the waist size is a lot smaller than what I wear in my other jeans. 


Any ideas if I should size down again on my A.P.C.'s since they are known to stretch a lot or if I should be good w/ the 30's?