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Diesels on TV

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Anyone ever spot people wearing Diesels on TV? I saw someone wear a pair on SNL a few months ago and spotted Thavar 8X2 lastnight on Kourtney and Kim take Miami.


Pic lol



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Iv'e seen actors wearing diesel in some movies, they all wore larkee and krooley. (Couple of weeks ago I watched "My Wedding Date", I think that was Debra Messing ex husbund :P)

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Interesting topic! Almost all the celebrities are wearing jeans diesel outside the TV

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I think Jensen Ackles might have worn Diesel jeans (bootcuts) on a couple of episodes of Supernatural. And I'll wager Shia LaBeouf had on a pair of Safado 8YM in his first scene in Transformers: Dark of the Moon!

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I just noticed on tge tv series revolution that one Of the main characters, Miles, have worn darron 803w on episode 5 and shioner 804h on episode 8.
Darron 803w:
Shioner 804h:
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the main actor of the series The Vampire Diaries also worn diesel

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