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Iakop 801b question

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Hi, i would like to know if someone has a iakop 801B

Compared to a thavar, how does it size ? I have tahvars in 28X32 and 27X32, shoudl i take this iakop in 28X32 ?


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Size down man. 801B is quite roomy. I would give you measurements but I sold em a while back.
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Ok thanks but have you ever weared a thavar ? Because i have a iakop 8w7 in 29X34 and my tahavrs are 28X32, i dont know if in 28X32 or 27X32, this iakop will be good for me

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I mostly wear Thavar. I bought 801B and it was like Safado. Loose even by iakop standards. I should've sized down one for a more slim fit. The wash is nice. I found 8W7 to be quite tight so I wouldn't use it as a benchmark.
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Thank for your advices :)

Im gonna take in 28X32 i think, i hop it wont be too much short.

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