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Thought I'd contribute. I managed to recreate stacking and wrinkles after washing by using following method:


- wash normally

- after washing, I hang the wet jeans and twist/wrinkle each leg, then fix with clothes pegs (tip: hang each leg by the hem when done)


- for wrinkles (wherever): twist and wrinkle the denim into the desired shape, then fix the whole area with clothes pegs left and right (2 per area should do)



BTW: How do you get away with not washing your jeans? Any tricks? Do you do it to preserve the colour/stacking?

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I've been wrinkling my jeans now and I drench it w/ starch water.. it works well... 8PK, 803w, 887D, 886B are all a success.. this weekend I'll do the 8PN.


To prevent washing, I guess buy 20+ pairs of different washes/cuts and rotate them, so you dont wear same pair too often =) .. and some other forums members here actually just buy the same jean again to switch after!!!

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Before . 8nj

After stacking
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but i hope it will not change if it rain ... =[ what do you think ?
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I get wet when I was riding my bike, jeans were wet too, after they get dry, the stacking was OK.

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Ok thx icon_smile.gif
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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know. I used this method last night (spray starch) and it worked perfectly.


I did change a bit. I creased my jeans then sprayed the starch on top. I then went on top of the creases with an iron. It took me about 15-20 minutes a pair. Gently on the iron, making sure to iron on top of the creases and not into them. It worked a charm. My 8x2's and 8ya's look awesome. I also had a pair of zara/jogg replicas which I bought on the cheap. They were plain blue and creaseless. I went at it with the starch and iron and they look AWESOME. It's made an awesome white fade plus given me great creases on the thighs, knees and stacking (yes, I just stacked my jeans on the floor, sprayed with starch and put the iron on top of it for about a minute, alternated the iron from each side for about 3-4 times)


Have fun!

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can you post some photos of the 8x2's??? 

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Before they were completely creaseless. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and my university is on the side of Table mountain. I made the rookie mistake in the summer (38 degrees) of walking up this mountain side in them, so they needed a wash.


I didn't take a before picture, but here they are afterwards.


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nice. and you got a great pair too! im just sceptical in using the iron on jeans and it can make the colour fade away :/ 

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I used the silk setting on the iron, which is cooler than for cotton. I've noticed no difference in the colour. I have a few faint white lines, but they blend in nicely and look great. I'm very happy. Thank you to the person on page one who suggested it. Greatly appreciated!

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I had a go with my new Thavar 888P.

I found it difficult to do the thighs in finding something to stretch the jeans over to create the creases. Handmade creases are ok, but they dont look wrinkled like you get them in stores. I know 888P wasn't a particularly stiff wash anyway, but here it is.......


Before and After.......



Im wearing them for the first time today, they are a 31/30, but usually I am a 3/30 so may even sell these yet and get my usual size.

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Looks much better, but I think you may have made the creases too white apart? Really scrunch that shit up when you do it, like the pic on the other page! Unless you're happy that is :)

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Yeah they are too spaced out. Really not sure how I can do it properly though. I have had advice about crinkling them together with my hands but cant see how I will get the pegs on to keep them in place! I am going to wash them tonight, cover them in starch once they are done and try to shape them before hanging them out to dry.
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I lay them on the floor of my lounge, sprayed with starch, crinkled them there with the intention of letting them dry just on the floor as It would keep the crinkles in place. I then got impatient and just ironed them in. Worked fine.

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Sorry to bump an old thread. I tried doing this with my 880i at the weekend.


I only want to do the ankles/near the leg openings.


I sprayed with starch, hung clothes pegs on and put a heater near to dry them quicker. They have some effects but they don't look like neat circular stacking. Can anyone recommend how to achieve this with clothes pegs? I don't have an item to fit my Thavar unfortunately.

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What I did before was put some circular plastic bottles that will fit the leg opening, usually a 1L coke bottle or something like that.


then the jeans can crunch up nicely, spray the starch, and use the black pinch pins to hold the wrinkles in place.  that should work.  good luck!

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