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Opinion about 7FAM Marine Blue coated jeans

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I'm just curious what people think about these jeans.



I personally love how they look, and in general, I like wearing bold clothes, even though on most days I could never get away with wearing jeans like this.  I'm wondering though what others think.  Too brash, or fun and interesting?


One other thought about these...on the 7FAM website, someone's review said these are good for "office wear."  I'd love to think I could wear whatever I felt like wearing to work, at least on a Friday, but does anyone else think they could actually be worn in a casual office setting?  I'm thinking either the reviewer is either kidding, works in a very liberated office environment, or picks out clothes without worrying at all about what others think of him.  Am I wrong, or could these possibly work for a casual Friday?  I'm guessing no, but I'm interested what others think.



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I think they are pretty cool! I love metallic and coated jeans a lot and I think these are a pretty versatile colour as well. Almost like a beetle in blue/black colour. I say go for what you feel comfortable wearing, I always do!

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I replied to your post here: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/196602/coated-jeans-for-men-acceptability-at-work-and-elsewhere

But after seeing a pic, I think they may work.. if they're not too shiny in person. Either way, I like them, especially the color!
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Thanks for your thoughts.  The three reviewers all gave the jeans 5 out of 5.  Granted, people don't tend to buy things they won't like, but still the people who've bought these jeans and reviewed them seem to like them quite a bit.


FWIW, these look more leathery on the 7FAM video linked here.  Granted, that's sort of what I'm going for, but if they are a bit more on the loud side than the subtle side, that might make it difficult to ever wear them for work or for social events where LOOK AT ME! attire isn't appropriate.  I am not too self-conscious about what I wear---I've worn leather pants around friends more times than I can remember, but I do have to make sure I'm not embarrassing my wife, whose own style is much more modest than my own or, for that matter, most women's.  Being a husband and a dad is incredibly wonderful, but that does mean I don't have a lot of social events in my life, especially events where dressing for fun and style rather than comfort and practicality is expected.


There is one thing about coated denim I find contradictory: On the one hand, people seem to find leather pants too bold for people to wear, especially men, while seeming to have a much more positive opinion about coated jeans.  On the other hand, fans of coated denim are often fans of it because it looks like leather.  And a number of times when I've worn certain black coated jeans I own, people have thought they were leather.  It would be one thing if people didn't like leather because of animal-rights concerns or the cost, but neither reason is really it for the vast majority of people.  It seems that leather pants have a certain stigma that coated denim doesn't have, even if the look isn't much different.  In any case, I like shiny or otherwise interesting clothes and hope that the trend catches on not just with people who care about fashion but with those who don't (e.g., my friends).


I already decided to order these jeans, so I'm excited to get them and see how they look.

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Definitely would love to see some photos when you get them!
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Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post

Definitely would love to see some photos when you get them!

I just got them, and here are some photos:




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Just for comparison, here are photos taken in blue leather pants with the same lighting conditions.  The denim jeans don't look that much different to the camera, IMO.



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I can see the leather is slightly softer in texture in comparison to the coated denim, but I think the coated denim look great. The colour is nice and dark so it's very versatile! The main thing though is do you love them? That's what counts!

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I agree, the leather looks a bit softer but I like the fit on the coated pair. Looks like they were a great buy!
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Thanks.  And yes, I do really like how they look and feel.  I'm not sure I'd be able to get away with wearing them at work; I'd have to try some social situations first.  FWIW, I bought the leather pants when I was about two inches bigger in the waist.  I still like how they look although they are now a bit baggier than they should be, and I would hate to get rid of them since I would probably never be able to find a pair like that again.

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