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Coated jeans for men---acceptability at work and elsewhere

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Hi all.  I am a big fan of coated denim.  I like coated jeans with a subtle sheen, I like coated jeans that basically look like leather pants, and I like those that fall somewhere in between.  (In fact, I actually own and enjoy wearing leather pants and regret that there is a stigma against men wearing them, given that I simply like them and love how they look and feel and don't really have any other reason for wearing them.  I'm not really asking about leather pants here, but I bring it up since it is sort of relevant.)


Just a bit more about me...I'm 36, I'm married, and I'm the father of a beautiful baby girl.  Most of my friends are now also parents, and given that social events for us tend to be pretty low-key and unglamorous, I'm always around people who dress for comfort and practicality rather than to show any sense of style.  I'm pretty much the only one in my circle who ever wants to "dress up."  My friends do seem to enjoy my tendency to wear clothes that are a bit more bold and fun than what they wear, but I'm pretty sure none of my friends, including women, are likely to show up anywhere wearing coated jeans, much less leather pants.  As for work, I'm an engineer who works in an office environment.  The typical attire is pretty casual for an office, and it's possible that I might be able to get away with coated jeans, at least on Fridays, but even if I could, it might be better just to save coated jeans for social events.  Most engineers are more likely to get in trouble for dressing too much like a slob, but I'm probably more likely to get in trouble for wearing something too flashy.  Since I want to be professionally successful, I mostly wear boring clothes like all the other engineers, but I'm always trying to push in a more fun style direction even at work, just as long as I don't come off as unprofessional or weird.  In any case, in both my professional life and my social life, I'm mostly around people who don't care at all about what's fashionable.


For what it's worth, I'm about 6 feet tall and thin, and I don't think the bolder clothes I like to wear look bad on my body.  I get that many people don't think men should wear certain things regardless of who they are, but inasmuch as some men have the body and physical appearance to "get away" with wearing certain items that other men should avoid, I don't think I have a problem.


Anyway, I'm wondering about what people's experiences are professionally and socially with men wearing coated denim, specifically jeans coated enough so as to not look like standard denim jeans.  Most of what I find online concerns women wearing coated denim, so it's difficult to get a consensus opinion about coated denim for men.  I appreciate anyone wishing to share their own experiences, observations, and thoughts about the dos and don'ts of coated denim for men, be it at work in an office or in social situations.  Thanks.

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I love coated denim and I too work in a casual work environment. That said, I probably wouldn't wear coated jeans to work. Even though your workplace is causal, personally, I do still try to look "casual-professional," which usually means staying away from anything too trendy. For example, I have a pair of pretty busy patterned jeans that I would probably not wear to work. If you want to dress trendier, I'd say start with accessories, like shoes or cool tie with jeans. Maybe even layer a vest/cardigan under a blazer. That's just my 2 cents.
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