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I took it a scam?

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hello and sorry to bother you and sorry for my poor english;

I have a problem

I purchased in November from the site www.dieselstoreuk.net hours diventanto http://www.dieseljeansbymall.com. I paid by visa and they sent me a pair of jeans wrong after 15 days, and now it's been a month after the complaint and I do not have more than answered.
I took a rip-off? is a fake? how do I take the money?
I thank you in advance for your reply.

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I have never bought from this site but I am sure it is a scam im afraid! I have read similar stories (on here possibly) where websites like this (using the brand name in the URL) have sent the wrong jeans and not sorted it out!

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They have a mail on hotmail. Also not a good reputation in internet.

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have email or messenger contact? you did you?
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