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Shioner 8x6 rewax or not ?

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Hi everybody :) I bought a old pair of Shioner 8x6 on ebay (found in love in this f.....g wash x) $45 with a hole between the legs and it lost the wax traitment in washing.... so bad to wash this nice wash... But grand ma repear it good =D 


When I wear it we don't see the hole : 






So, my question, I had the idea to re-wax the jeans but I don't know.


Should I wax it or let it so ?




It reminds me the thavar 809N so I don't know. it can look like this :




Or keep it so :





Do you already wax a jeans ? did you it well ? And with what ? What do you think ? icon_wink.gif


Thank you guys :) FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

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Finally decided to wax the jeans lOl, at the moment in progress !!!! icon_cool.gif 


post Pics soon !!!

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I did it, here are pics !!!!!!!!! 




Like new =D

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Wow, very impressive result, they look brand new compared to what they were ;)

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holy wow... i think i saw this auction on eBay before but couldn't abandon my loved Nudie dry black coated Thin Finn..... so how did you manage to re wax the jeans!??!?????? what did you do?

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Before I repaired the hole !!! than I bought acrylic brillant paint (permanent same paint that you can use of steel or wood) and I paint an thin coat of paint !!! Let dry half day : can check this video on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-LdGmGOs8Y


And the result is amazing for $50 !!!

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so does this mean the jeans are very stiff and does it smell???  and i would guess its no longer breathable right?? so you may sweat inside the jeans??

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No it doesnt smell i use paint that its writen clothes too. For the moment i didnt sweat in the jeans feel me well in icon_wink.gif and im surprised its not so stiff
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