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altering dior jeans?

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Hey guys,


        I just purchased a pair of ss12 jakes. love em they fit great(waist). However, they are a bit long for me, even for a stacking look.  I would like to have them taken up 2-3 inches.  If they are done by a good tailor and done properly, Is it going to wreck the jeans? Ive never had any of my jeans taken up and im a little worried because these jeans were semi expensive :/. any thoughts?

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Hemming with the original hem is common and if it's done by professional, it's not noticeable...


But be "ready and prepared" for the lower price in case you will want to sell them in the future.

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Ok cool, I feel better about them doing it now. It's at ricarddi boutique in Boston, the Christian Dior store down there recommended this place to purchase the jeans, and they will alter for no extra charge if needed. Thank you for your response!
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