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How to sell your clothes online..

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Thought this was an interesting article on ways to sell your clothes online (Outside of Ebay) Are there any sites they missed? (Besides our Marketplace)

image from Fashionista.com
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I sold a few items on Refashioner awhile ago, but since they changed their layout (started paying in $ rather than/in addition to store credit) I haven't gotten any traffic. They also reject a lot of items that seem like they'd work well on the site (NWT Alice + Olivia bottoms, etc). I've listed on Copious and have yet to sell anything there. I'll check out a couple of the others, but so far I've had far more luck in the DB marketplace than on any of these sites.


I'm also surprised they didn't mention Bonanza (though I've had maybe 2 transactions go through there, others seem to have better luck, namely those selling handbags)

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Amazon and Craigslist.


But I've found some success selling things through social media sites and I think that really should be noted in the post. We've all been complimented by friends on things and many of them are willing to reach into their pockets to have their hands on our things!

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I've never sold preowned jeans on Amazon but I've heard it mentioned a couple of times--anyone want to share experiences with selling those kinds of items on Amazon?


I've had moderate success with Craigslist (mostly when I'm visiting my parents, since it's a much larger/more affluent metro area, and I do have a small group of regular buyers who will try on/purchase in person) and have also gotten a few bites by posting my listings on my FB news feed--tends to be the same people over and over again though (and I don't want to annoy the rest of my friend base by cluttering up their feeds with listings)

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I've never tried these sites but. . .







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^Good point. I checked out ShopMyClothes and it seems to be Canadian-based (read: US sellers there might get a lot of buyers whining about shipping costs). That said, internationally-based sites can sometimes be lucrative because so many sellers won't ship internationally at all and, thus, you can get somewhat higher prices for your items. I've had some good luck at HardlyEverWornIt, a British-based site, particularly with items I had trouble selling elsewhere...the only thing is that I have yet to sell anything bigger than a size 27 there, so you'll probably do better if you're tiny and like skinnies a lot.


I'll also throw in a (possibly premature) plug for Tradesy--I tossed a couple of non-denim items up on there and just had someone purchase an item I was trying to get rid of for awhile. I guess they snail-mail you the shipping kit, though (seriously, they can't just email you a shipping label?) so it'll take a few days for the whole transaction to go through.

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Just an update, Tradesy transaction seems to have gone well (no complaints from the buying end), although the snail mail shipping kit took a few days longer to get to me than expected--didn't help that I was just leaving town around the time it was supposed to arrive. Also, Poshmark currently only works if you have an iPhone and can use the app/take all your pics through it--rude. I have an Android and already have lots of pictures of the items I would be selling there, so I don't particularly feel like taking 200+ more pictures just for their app.


Awhile ago I also got a slightly stalkerish email from an admin at Threadflip asking if I would list my items there because they somehow found my listings and thought I would do well there. Basically I told them they'd have to prove themselves able to get me more traffic than Bonz, Refashioner, HardlyEverWornIt and all the other sites I've sold a couple things on, because it does get annoying having to pull a listing from 10 different sites when it sells on one of them, and I'm sick of listing things on sites that generate me zero sales.

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Good to know. Thanks for sharing your experiences on different sites. I'm over ebay but haven't ventured into anything else yet.
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