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Hey guys,

I'm a new poster here and on the lookout for some new jeans.

My jeans measure 34" at the waist and 34" leg (inseam). But, as you know, official sizing is often way off. I had a Diesel Viker that had a 30" waist and it fit (should've measured it before giving away, but forgot to), and on the other hand the leg length seemed to be true to size (34").

Anyways, I'm looking for something that's slim all the way down, without being skinny (if that makes sense).

If it helps, I'm 1,88m tall and weight 85kgs (athletic, but my legs are pretty skinny). I used to like the fit of the Viker, but it was just a little bit too tight on the ties and too loose on the calves and ankles.

Any help with a good fit and size is well appreciated.