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Nikon vs Canon

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I know this is a little off topic, but I'm in the market looking for a entry level SLR camera. Anyone have advice on whether Nikon or Canon is better? And which model?








And which lenses do you use for what? I need all sorts of help. Thank you in advanced!

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Hello! I was in the same boat about a year ago. I am a technology writer and was a total newbie to the photography world and really wanted to get my hands on a SLR and get to know the SLR-World.

Both Nikon and Canon make awesome cameras and both have their groups that will swear by them. But at the end of the day they are both awesome, solid and reliable brands. I decided to go with Canon simply because there was a sale on them at BestBuy at the time and a YouTube producer that I follow and befriended swears by the brand so I figured if I need any help I can always hit them up.


I ended up getting the Canon EOS Rebel t3 and no regrets. Great starter SLR and I would recommend looking into it. If you want something a little more advanced take a look at the Canon t3i or t4i.


I am not to familiar with the Nikon lines but I am sure you would be happy with the entry-level cameras from Nikon as well. Go to a site like BestBuy and look at the entry level SLR's and find the model names, search them on YouTube for reviews, and how-to's. I am sure you will find a camera that catches your eye!


Good luck and welcome to the SLR world, you will not regret it!


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Eric, thank you sooooo much! Very helpful!

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Jayne, good thread!


I just picked up a Canon t4i recently.  Its great!  I love the touchscreen and the awesome color that it produces.  Also its 18mp for a great price.




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Originally Posted by JayneSwallow View Post

Eric, thank you sooooo much! Very helpful!

Your welcome, did you end up getting your camera yet? Excited to hear about what you chose and how your liking it. Keep us updated.



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I ended up doing the same thing you did! Ha ha. We stopped by Best Buy and they had an awesome sale going on for their Nikons. So I went with Nikon. The guy said if I'm not going to do videography, then Nikons are great. Canons have better video capability so sometimes they're priced higher because of that. I'm super happy with it so far!

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I'm a Nikon user, but both Canon and Nikon are equally as good as each other, they are great brands. It just depends really on which brand you wish to go with. I love Nikon as they are so easy to use and you can use pretty much all of the SLR lenses on the different bodies, so even if you upgrade the camera to something better, you can keep all your old lenses. Can you do that with Canon? I don't know as I've never tried. We originally had the Nikon D40, which was a good camera for entry level, but recently upgraded to the D7000, after saving lots of money, and it's an amazing camera! It's very crisp and clear, great quality!

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Hello - lets beat this topic some more.  I'm a starving photog after spending most of $$ on jeans.   I shoot Canon but its great you went w/ Nikon.  I like to add that it doesn't matter what camera body you have, entry level crop sensor vs professional full frame;  As long as you're not shooting in the dark, the ISO noise wouldn't be much of an issue for you even if you have a ~$500 body.


The main thing here is to grab yourself a good & fast prime lens.  The images and bokeh it can produce will be much better quality than the kit lens that comes w/ it.  good luck! let me know if you have any questions and want to talk ISO, apertures, shutter speed, controlling depth of field or some off camera flash techniques.

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