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This is my first post so sorry if what i ask is already answered elsewhere....


Use to wear Larkee 88z jeans, had a few pairs which over time seemed to get bigger and bigger so bought these other jeans called Poiak 88z which at first were really (too) tight but over time they eased up and are perfect for me. I have an emergency pair also in 88z and a black pair coming from the States and if i could buy others i would but i've exhausted myself looking and have accepted they no longer exist in the size and colours i want, i'm a 29/32. I only like to buy the darkest blue or blacks i can find.


Over the past year i've had so many pairs of jeans sent to me (all Diesel) but nothing fits like the Poiak's. I'm on the the slimmer side size wise 29w and my legs are quite skinny but some of the so called regular or tapered jeans i can't even get my legs into. Krooley, Iakop, Thanaz, Darron all a joke one way or the other.


So my question is this.........Do Diesel make a dark jean similar in fit to the Poiak's which I guess are Slim Regular.


I saw some called Shioner, any thoughts?


Thanks in advance