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Darron 8PN

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G'day mates!


I know that there is a shioner 8PN, released a few seasons ago. But now i found this one:




Darron 8PN with the "new" For Successful Living Logo. Is this something like a revival of the 8PN wash? :D does someone know if boozt is legit? for me, it seems to be:P

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There are posts about this wash in diesel ss13 thread, should be available soon.
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it IS available...:P

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yah I think Darron 8PN is available, but missing the signature darker squares the original Shioner has..

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I think Darron 8PN has not the details, how Shioner 8PN....  when you see the details on Shioner has the darron on the pics of bootz.com completely nothing of that.... i am missing the squares...



Shioner 8PN





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I appreciate that those squares are missing:D;)

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make pictures when you receive it, then we know it :-)

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The squares r such an awesome detail on a light wash like 8pn
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This website sells fake...

8PN squares doesnt look that way. Unnatural...

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Wrong mate... I ordered the darron.. and YES it has no squares... those are only on the shioner version... but the darron is def. NOT fake... It's an authentic MII Wash;)

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