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Thavar 008QU help

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i posted this in another thread but it seemed old so i've created this one. was hoping for some help.


i am looking for a pair of thavar 008qu in beige/sand. i can't seem to find them anywhere in town. i was wondering if the thavars are made tighter then thanaz? i usually wear size 30-31 depending on the cut and jeans itself, but the thavar 8QUs that i found online are only in size 32, and no other website/store seems to have them. would it be too big for me? im 5"10 145lbs and skinny legs/calves. i like to sag a little as well.  any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Chanster, I have thavar in sand, beige W31, if you want them, I will sell you. They are never worn and washed. When you still interested, let me know.

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hi waterstones, do you have a picture of those jeans? just want to make sure. and i'm curious as to why you have never worn and washed them as they were out 2 seasons ago.

i'm interested.



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Hi Chanster, I have never worn and washed them, because it was a birthday present and I need to size up. I´m getting fat, but the jeans are still 3D look.

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