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New J Brand Fit Guide

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So I just came across J Brand's SUPER HELPFUL interactive fit guide on their website. You should check it out. It takes you through the steps of determining your body shape, what style you like and then directs you to a page of all their jeans that fit the category. Here's the walk through...


Home page: Click on "Fit Guide"







Choose your Gender:






Choose your Body Type:





Choose your Style:






Explore the details of the Style:






Shop your Style:






Pretty great! Hope this helps everyone as much as it did me!

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This is awesome, thanks!

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A good start, but this guide is nowhere near enough--they don't mention anything about the pear-group shapes (pear, bell, skittle), and then they go recommending super-skinny cuts for curvy figures (well, if you're Kimmy K and have made your whole career out of being curvy, I guess you can make yourself look fatter/curvier, but the rest of us would rather not). I also don't see any mention of the Blue Label line (unless they've stopped producing that?), which would be by far the best bet for the curvy or bottom-heavy girls.

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Sadly, I do think they stopped producing it since I haven't seen it anywhere in ages.

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Awesome site.  Love how the videos start once you mouse-over

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