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thavar886B sizing

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  i always wear safado in 27x30. Now i want to buy thavar 886B. Should i stay with 27x30 or size up 28x30? Advice please?

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Please let me know. It;s very urgent. I already ordered Thavar 886B and forget about the size. I'm afraid size 27 too tight for me. Thanks

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it stretches a lot, so i guess 27 will be ok

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  Many thanks Karacho . How about the waist and the thight? because i wear safado 882b 27x30 which is fit me perfectly and i heard someone here said that he must size up when he bought thavar.

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27 would be fine. I sized up when I first moved to Thavar (coincidentally 886B was my first Thavar) and it was a mistake. Stick with the 27 as they are blocked differently to Safado. I found that some safados are tighter in the waist and thighs than Thavar. Especially in the 886B as the denim will stretch like crazy.
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stretch a lot stick to size 27

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Thanks you all. You guys are great! This is my first Thavar and i really confused. Most of my Diesel jeans are safado and darron. I saw some Thavar 886b fit pics here and they made me want to buy it.
@ Phukette: i saw your safado 804k fit pics. Very nice Phukette! Love it so much. I search everywhere but can't find my size icon_sad.gif
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Try jeansonline.com or cultizm.com maybe?
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thank you

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HOW CAN I GET A CODE/COUPON FOR  jeansonline.com?



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I don't they're running one considering the sales are on.
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