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International mail delivery

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I sell on EBay in the USA. I only charge the exact weight for how much it cost to be delivered for International  mail from the USA to whatever Country it is going to. I know that it takes about 10 -14 days, including weekend to get to Australia. It can take 1-3 days on our end for customs, then the package is off. It is much cheaper to go International mail, but it does not give you a door to door tracking number, although EBay is working on it.


What I would like to know is, if you have ordered from EBay in the USA,  What is the usual time it takes for the item to to arrive in your Country the day after it was purchased?. I delivery the packages withing 24 hours or less of purchase.Please let me know how long it takes to usually arrive and what the name of your country is. I would truly appreciate it.

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I can't speak as an international buyer, but as a US seller who sometimes ships abroad, I can say that it totally depends on the country, time of year, value of the item, etc. Canada is the absolute worst for getting items via Priority on time (so much so that I refuse to ship Priority to Canada during the holiday shopping season) but I just sent some jeans Priority flat rate to the UK and they arrived in about a week, despite the holiday rush. I've heard of a lot of problems with Priority mail to Australia but I've never encountered any myself.


(Also, you might want to take your Ebay user ID out of your post--it REALLY sounds like you're advertising your sales and you can only do that in the Marketplace forum)

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