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http://www.dieseljean-sale.net - legit?

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my first post here - hi everyone!icon_smile.gif


has anyone got any experience with http://www.dieseljean-sale.net ? i'm really desperate to put my hands on new-fankers w32 l32 in 0801a wash and they seem to be the only ones who have all possible sizes. the thing that is arousing my suspicion is the price - much cheaper (+/- 40%) to what you have to pay for this cut in the uk. the only contact is by email etc or it could be just me...icon_smile.gif

i'd appreciate any advise.



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fake site

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I have bought a pair of jeans from this website 5 days ago, and I've just realized it is fake. Do you know if there is something I can do? thanks

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Contact your bank or PayPal IMMEDIATELY and cancel the transaction.
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If you do not pay via Paypal, then you can have problems. But anyway contact your bank.

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If you paid directly by credit card, I'd cancel the card you used ASAP

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If you have used PayPal, I don't think you have much to worry about as you will be able to open a dispute for this transaction anytime you want and as you won't receive any jeans, PayPal will grant you the money. Just make sure that you don't sign any letters/packages that you may be suspicious that may have been sent from that website as I once had problems for receiving a signed-for and empty package from a fake seller who then claimed to PayPal that I did receive what I paid for when I opened the dispute.


If you paid directly by card, I guess it will be much harder for you to recover the money (if even possible).

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