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thavar 8x2 sizing

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Hi all, how's the fit of 8x2, compared to 8ne ? My thavar 8ne is 33x32 and fits me perfectly. What do you recommend for 8x2 ? Many thanks
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stick to the same size. i have both in 27x30. 8ne is rather tight in the thigh, and the 8x2 as well. 8x2 is a must have, probably one of the best washes diesel has released in the past  5 years.

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hmm, i was given 8x2 32x32 measurements similar to my 8ne 33x32
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Same size
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@laisnata: I tryied to send you a PM but i got this advert "You have reached your daily allotment of 2 private messages per day. Note that multiple recipients of the same message each count toward your limit" and is impossible at this moment to me contact you via PM...



I put the requested measures here:
tight at the crotch (red line): 28,5 cm
tight 6 cm below (green line): 25,5 cm
Kind regards
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