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Are these 7's Fake or Real?

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They seem real to me, but wanna make sure.
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Well the seller doesnt have very many Sevens so I would assume so but I dont really know a lot of mens jeans.
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Actually...see what that barcode on the back looks like up close. Most sevens stick their barcodes on the inside and fakes do it on the outside (well used to) so see if you can ask the seller for an up close pic of it, then we can tell.
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The positioning of the belt loops look funny to me. It seems as if they're too much to the interior of the pocket.
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I agree with Hilary on the position of the white sticker. Authentic Sevens usually don't have that sticker on the outside waist band but right above the inner lable. I'd stay away from those if I were you ...

Greets, Bianca
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