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thavar 803U - 802J

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hey guys! does anyone know if these come with factory stacking like 8x2?? 

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Neither do.
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alright. so im guessing that if someone found a 31x32 for 80$ less it wont destroy the jeans if he hemmed just a little bit. ssense has them for 203$ in 31x32, diesel on the other hand has them in 31x30 BUT at 288$. so thanks once again raj! much appreciated!


would you happen to know if 802J fits larger than 803U due to the lyocell? because again...i can only find it in 30x30. it might be too tight since im a w31 but on the other hand due to the lyocell it might fit well enough. any advice?

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You're welcome. It does fit larger. I sized sown myself.
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well awesome. thats what i thought so but wasnt sure. so ill be ok with a 30x30. thanks :D 

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