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looking for a denim shirt

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hey guys, i'm looking for a medium wash blue denim shirt.  faded but not fugly fake looking.  and fitted of course.  any suggestions?  Thanks.

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Diesel Soncy Button Down. Kinda pricy but it looks really good.

RevolveClothting has it.


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Revolve offer 40% off on your first order. Just thought you should know.
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How to get it? By creating new account?
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After you place the first order, you need to contact their customer service and give them the order number, and they will apply the discount for you.

I did this a long time ago, so not sure if they change this procedure. I recommend to contact them to confirm.

Its a great deal since its discount of your entire purchase. But there are few brands that are excluded.
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It is a nice one.  however i'm looking for something lighter than that. and more faded.  BTW, this shirt is also onsale 30% on diesel online store and ssense. 

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