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Fake Flynt Seven Jeans

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i know ebay is 95% full of fake flynt jeans. i can't tell with these however. the paper tags look fake but i'm not sure can you help!
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...keTra ck=true
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I dont really think these are authentic...First, the sticker LOOKS authentic from a distance but read up close it may look like this FAKE barcode on a pair of Flynts a woman sent me (SEE THIS POST FOR PICS http://honestforum.com/bbs/viewtopic...ighlight=#1589 ). Also, the inside of the pocket is very yellow--I dont know why this would be. And what is wrong with the care tag!? It looks like it may be reversed or something...I dont see the style/cut number on there.

Somethings not right with these!
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Oh also, if you look at the sellers other items, there is a pair of Seven A pockets, SIZE 25. Well the pic she provides is a size 28 (probably authentic, but not the same jean!) Trying to be slick maybe...!?

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thanks a ton!
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I agree with everything Hilary pointed out here. Definitely fake! (In my opinion)

Greets, Bianca
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