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Jeans for Tall Women

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I always have trouble finding jeans that fit, so I put together this list of brands and styles that offer longer inseams (34" and above). You can check it out here http://www.denimblog.com/2012/11/jeans-for-tall-women/

I would love to hear any brands or styles I may have missed!
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I'm 5'11"
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Height isn't always relevant to inseam, though--I mean, generally speaking it's loosely correlated, but I know girls who are 5'4 and have 33" flats inseams because they're all legs. But yes, generally, denim buyers tend to consider 34+ to be a "long" inseam.


Though I don't come from the perspective of a leggy girl (far from it), as a seller who's measured probably thousands of pairs, I notice trends every once in awhile. Obviously R&Rs are all quite long, but since they've pretty much bit the big one, they're not as readily available. Also, of all things, a lot of straight-to-discount 7FAMs have 35 inseams, as well as many J Brand styles (not necessarily the skinnies though). And these are not necessarily a denim brand, but the Alice + Olivia pants I've gotten to measure (both my own and for resale) have had ridiculous inseams, usually over 35.

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Good point, longer legs don't always equal height, it definitely comes down to the individual and their body proportions. Perhaps it would've been more aptly titled Jeans with Longer Inseams!

R&R used to be a big one, a few of my friends used to swear by them, but I can't speak to their Kohl's styles. I do think brands vary from style to style so much, that it is hard to find consistency. I don't have too much experience with Alice + Olivia's pants, so thanks for the tip!
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No prob--most of them run big so you'll probably be okay by sizing down in most (just not the satin ones, though...sizing down in satin is a bad idea anyway!) Did you get a chance to check out my 12 Figure Types wiki and decide which type suits you best? That might provide more specific advice (even if your body type is not necessarily one of the ones known for long legs)

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I have an unusual problem in that I have a tiny body but long thin arms and legs, like a spider!!(so although I'm a UK size 2 /US00 , my inside leg has to be at least 33"- sometimes I've even bought 35!
As I'm only 150cm this makes jeans buying very difficult and every time I find jeans that fit, they stop making them...I think I'll have this problem all of my life!!!icon_smile.gif
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I know a lot of brands make sizes starting at 24 or some even a 23, so hopefully you'll be able to find your size in a brand w/a longer inseam.
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yup--I know 7FAM even has a few size 22s available (I think they were made for the Asian market) so as long as those weren't hemmed they may work. I've seen that a couple of the really tiny girls from the other forums have been selling off parts of their collections so it might be a good time to check Ebay!

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