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Upgrading my wardrobe

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Hey all, I'm new to the DB. I've been looking to upgrade my wardrobe for awhile now and my eyes are set on Diesel jeans to start that. Sadly there are no outlets around my area that carry them except for Nordstrom which only had 3 pairs 2 Zatini fit and the other Safado. Which leaves me to ordering them online, so question number one. Does anyone know any other sites for authentic diesel jeans besides their main website? And question 2, I think I've narrowed what cut I'd like, Safado. But I don't understanding the fitting guide, the sticky. All the 71B,61E, all that stuff. I saw a pair of 882B's that looked great, so where can I find some? If it helps at all for a reference right now I wear levi's fit 514's and a few 513's. Looking for any advice/help to be given, thanks!

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882b is a pretty old wash, your probably not going to find them unless you look on sites such as Ebay. Saying that I think Ebay is a great place to get Diesel Jeans, as long as you are sure they are authentic. A huge giveaway if they're not is the price. If they seem too cheap - there is a reason why! 


www.mandmdirect.co.uk do Diesel Outlet as do ASOS.COM every now and then. I know ASOS deliver worldwide which might help too. However, you're unlikely to find ASOS cheaper than Diesel's online site. M and M direct are good for pricing, but sizes are normally difficult if you are an average size say 31-34 waist and a 30 or 32 leg. 


With fits, the 882b, 8b9 etc, those codes indicate the wash. 


So Safado is the name of the cut, the fit. In this case a low rise, slim straight jean. So any jean with the name Safado will fit the same. The code after it, such as 882b, is the wash - eg. the material and colour. So you can get Safado in many washes such as 882b, 8b9 etc. You can also get the washes in different cuts, in this case I know Poiak came in the 882b wash aswell (a jean you may also like if you like the fit of Safado).  I would also suggest trying Darron (slim tapered) Koolter (tapered) and Waykee (straight leg with 1" taper) if you like this style. 


Where about do you live? It would be easier to help if you said!


Hope I helped


Connie - male denim specialist at Diesel Carnaby Street London

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I'm over in Spokane, WA. Or at least near it. That is my size, can fit a 32x32 but prefer 33x32 for the little extra room in the waste. Thanks for clearing that up, I was really confused if all those codes altered the fit somehow. I would use ebay but I have no idea how to spot a fake, are there other tell tale signs besides price? Once again thanks for the help!

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