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Hey all,

Thanks in advance for any help.

This is a little bit of a hard one. Need to replace a Diesel sweater/hoodie I accidentally ruined belonging to a friend a while back (his favourite of course).

Now here's the hard part, it was purchased years ago (2002 I believe) at holt renfrew in Toronto.

Realize it's a long shot but looking for any info on source for one, one for sale, style name/number, anything so that at least if I can't find one now, I have some search terms and can keep an eye out on forums/ebay/etc.

Now for a description- It was pretty much just a plain red hoodie, but had the word Diesel in plain capital (not fancy, cartoonish, stylized) letters on the front. These letters were printed/silk screened on and kind of shiny (not embroidered) and were also red.

Thanks a bunch guys


P.S. If you have ay other suggestions on websites/forums where I should/could post this, let me know.

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