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tepphar 807D worn pics

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size 27X30










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size 27X30

stretch, made in italy : the denim is thicker and stronger than in most tepphar washes explaining that it often looks thin and "cheap". not here in that wash.

stretch, very comfy, like leggings... convenient for slim guys !!! especially if you ride bikes like me ! you do not feel the garnment.

slight distressing and dirty areas at thighs.

a copper button on the right back pocket.

bought at Cultizm.

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thanks for the pics pryv, they fit you perfectly, nice buy

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how is it compare to 886B?? I'm wearing mine today. i guess depending on the lighting the 807D is tad lighter?


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too plain for my tastes.

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Yes, to plain to justify the price of 230€

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Perfect fit, can't wait to see these in real life! :D

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Thanks for postic pics!

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from left to right :

tepphar, thavar 802K, thavar 886B

the darker and heavier : 886B


jeans weight is quite similar for the tepphar and the 802K. the latter seems lighter though. and the denim is quite different (802K cotton is dyed actually).

belt is from diesel.

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and sorry but the three jeans are size 27X30 ! you can notice the difference in lenght too. the longer is the thavar 802. No stacking fort he tepphar, since it does not give a nice fit with "leggings" jeans IMO.

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can totally see the difference now!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!  I really love the stacking of the 886B or any jeans that comes pre stacked!

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thank for sharing


my favorite of this three 886b

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