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Tepphar 8Y9 Turbo. Progress and DIY with Pics

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So originally I picked up a pair of these in January 2011 in a 32x30. Being extremely impatient I tried to batter them, but soon learnt that over time they would stretch. Eventually the waist was just too big for me so I got rid of them.


I visited Diesel again just after Christmas (2011) and wanted to pick up another pair and start again. I couldnt even get my legs into the 30 so I grabbed them in a 31x30. Ive now had them 11 months.


To begin with, I just wore them, hoping to create some natural creased and fading to the jeans. I then used

@ JasonLovesZathan's method to create some stacking. I managed to find a large drinking cup that fit into them, created the stacking by pulling them over the cup. Then I used the starch spray, and also used a pumice stone over the creases to alter the colour on the denim. Here is the result.....







I have also used the pumice stone fairly casually to create some colour fading all over the jeans. In particular, running the stone around the pockets and down the outer leg stitching creates quite a nice fade on the jeans. Also, by sitting down with the jeans on, the creases are evident so I was able to run the stone along the creases to create the permanent marks. I tend to do this everytime I wear them so they are continually being altered....



700  700


I have tampered with the idea of putting some holes in the jeans for some time now, and possibly re-enforcing them with some black material, 73J style. Last night, I took a 2p piece and placed it under the jeans where I wanted to make the marks, then used the pumice stone again around the coin. This created a hard surface to rub against. Although I havent gone through with it fully and made the holes, it has created some cool fading......



700 700






Still debating whether or not I should make the holes. Im sure I will     over time, but for now I am happy with them like this.


I have also painted some bleach onto these over the last few months, and they have been washed about 3 times. Here are some images of how they look now....(Also posted in WAYWT thread).



700 1000

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Loving the stacking. Did they stiff up after the treatment?
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Your style is impressing man!

I have also the same tepphar and i'm trying to find some methods to fading them!

Taking nothes!

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Been experimenting with pair of Safado 8AA which I picked up really cheap off eBay cos they had a knee hole, which as far as I am concerned was a fine character.


Firstly this wash because of the black waxy finish will not take bleach, I painted a lot on to no avail. So I used sandpaper to lighten them a little in places.


But getting the crinkle effect turned out quite amazing. In a bucket I mixed PVA 50/50 with water, well soaked the areas required then bunched the bottoms, top front and knee backs by hand. The PVA looked horrendous to start with .. all white. I then brought them indoors on a plasic sheet in front of a radiator, turning them and ensuring I kept re-pleating. 24 hours later they have dried clean, no white and no sticky feel to them. I'll wear them this evening and see how they fare.


Before and after pic of the front and back:






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nice, be sure to make some fit pics toulouz

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Both look brilliant, I am actually thinking of getting a pair to try some of these tricks too. @Leftvapor I personally dont think you should go for the holes just as I dont really like holes on my jeans but the other effects are quality.


@Toulous thats some real innovation there, I am just interested to know what will happen if it rains hard on those jeans...

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Haha goonz, yeah i will prolly stick to everything if I get wet.


Whilst they were really stiff I've just sandpapered tops of all the crinkles, dead easy and perhaps it because of the soaked in PVA they marked instantly.


Just tried them on and damn bit stiff round bottom to start with, had to open them up with my hand before even offering a leg in !


Been on an hour now and they are settling in ok.


Fit pics:




haha missed the second loop again I see!




Same jeans last March



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well, thats a unicum you created here, i like it

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i like it too. what is pva though?

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That is diesel lab work!  awesome job, Toulouz!

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Thanks guys


@ Freeradical82 .. PVA is white creamy mixture and can be used as wood glue, bonding agent for plaster ceilings or walls, damp proof agent .. lots of uses and now for crinkling jeans. I have a 5 litre tub of it.


Actually now its set in the fabric I dont imagine it will wash out, these jeans are really stiff where it is applied.

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toulouz I love the work!!!

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I'm on my way to sculpture another pair of Diesels. These are Thanaz 8FH which I bought off ebay in March, but are dated 2007 on the label, so an old wash.


But they are plain denim so will take bleach. I bleached them dry, striping with fine paint brush where I want creases, finally dipping the knees in neat bleach, then quickly rinsing them to stop off the bleach process.


Wrung them out then whilst still wet again immersed areas I want creased in strong PVA solution. Then formed waist, back of knee, and bottom creases on a plasic sheet. All in garage. Now have them in my office under a radiator as photos before and after.


It will take at least 24 hours to dry. Then I propose to enhance the sculptures with sandpaper and rag up a few areas perhaps with a craft knife.


From my previous experience all that white PVA disappears as they dry but the areas applied will be stiff.


I'll keep you posted :)




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damn!! that looks sick! let me know how the result shows up!!!!! 

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I'd go a little easier with the sandpaper :)

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Haha Aahz, they're coming on .. fit pics soon :)

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2007 Thanaz 8FH sculptured, lol:




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