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estimated worht of thanaz

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hey i just want to how much i can ask for a thanaz 73j w30/l34 and thanaz 73j w29/l34  both are new with tag never worn etc.

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I'm not an expert, so better if you wait someone much expert, but for me,

150-199 € each pair you should be able to do

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If they would be length 32 I would say around 300€ but in your case I would say maybe 250€.

Just wait for a nice offer.

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well i guess that l34 is even harder to find.....also in waist sizes like w30 and w29.

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That's right but I would say more people are into length 32 and 30 than in 34 that's why.

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if someone sells thanaz 73j new with tag, let me know

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