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I bought my first pair of UGG boots from UGG Australia they said they were authentic and the ran big, so I got my size, they were still a little small with my toes touching the end, and I noticed they are fake too! So I sent them back, I found the site for authentic UGG boots at UGG Australian made since 1974, you should have a tag of a kangaroo.. The site says runs true to size, it says men should order smaller size due to the boot is unisex, the boot I want is the chestnut mid calf classic.can someone please help me, if you have the authentic UGG with kangaroo tag, please let me know how the size runs in woman. There is a phone number but not 800 number and I'm not calling Australia for one question, I will email them, but trying to get this answered quick before they run out and trying to get them here before thanksgiving. Thanks so much!!! Denise in Maryland.. icon_smile.gif