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Genuine Online Diesel vendors

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Hi Guys,


My first thread in this forum and being a diesel fan boy I thought it would be a good idea to list online vendors that I have come across as authentic/ genuine versus the dodgy ones that I have been stung with.


Some tips I found useful in finding if the vendor is genuine or not is to look for a contact number and a site address and confirming with local authorities if it is a registered business.


So here goes the list. Please provide input on you experience.


Genuine Vendors













Dodgy Vendors - Avoid



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added www.sojeans.co.uk to genuine list

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Hello, does anyone know what's the correct number or correct format of phone number for www.sojeans.co.uk.



I ordered jacket / coat, which was delivered on 6.11.2014. I requested refund because it didn't fit me well, send the parcel back on 11.11.2014 (because of the weekend), delivered in sojeans.co.uk on 18.11.2014 (based on tracking info).




Then I got email I have some voucher? WTF?


We have received your return.

Below you will find your voucher of £101.4 . This is valid for 6 months from today and on all our products.

Here is your code:xyz


I sent them 3 or 4 emails and since 20.11. I don't have any answer. I tried to call them, but contact info is very poor:

Contact our customer service team by sending an email to kate@sojeans.com or call us on 020 3318 1263.


I tried lots of combinations (included international +33 for France, but no success). Last time I ordered here!

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Can someone confirm www.kellyjeans.nl? They have some good washes, just need to confirm their reliability.

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Yup. Bought from them before.
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^me too. But this is my first "return / refund case". I got email NOW (5 days after my question why I go voucher instead of refund), so I was little bit nervous, because I didn't pay via PayPal...


I will inform you about the result. I just expect something reply like day or two after my question. Btw. I'm really sure I requested refund:



Dear customer,

you choose a voucher, but I have cancelled it and refund you.
Best regards,
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